Graded Exams
  A Definitive Guide to Graded Examinations across the Performing Arts


CDMT works with Awarding Organisations offering Graded Exams to:

  • provide an authoritative source of information for government agencies when dealing with issues of recognition, regulation and accreditation across the performing arts
  • promote the benefits of Graded Exams to the public and raise their status within the UK and internationally
  • ensure the continued integrity of assessment methods and the reliability of standards.

Projects include the production of a booklet to advocate Graded Exams as a distinct qualification type, a supporting website to highlight Awarding Organisations' qualifications and a Sector Report on the relationship between Graded Exams and the educational regulatory landscape in the UK. Other initiatives are planned for the future.

This work is typically pursued through the Graded Exams Forum which comprises Ofqual-recognised Awarding Organisations offering Grades in Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Drama, as well as facilitated by CDMT's validated Awarding Organisations' Committee.